What is an Air Source Heat Pump Heating System?

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January 28, 2022

What is an Air Source Heat Pump Heating System?

When it comes to heating a home, many people turn to the tried and true solution of a traditional furnace. There are many options out there for heating systems such as gas or electric furnaces. However, aside from these options, there is an alternative option available for them: the air source heat pump. In case you're still not familiar with this particular heating system, air source heat pump is an efficient way to heat a home that also provides many benefits for the environment., and has received a lot of support from the government due to this reason.

This blog post will provide information about everything you need to know about air source heat pumps, such as what air source heat pumps are, how they work, and why air source heat pump is being pushed by the government as a more environmentally friendly option.

What is Air Source Heat Pump Heating System?

The first thing to know about air source heat pumps is that they are very similar to the furnace in a traditional home heating system. It functions just like an air conditioner during the summer months and an electric heater would for wintertime instead of gas or oil as you may have been expecting. This type of heating system is powered by electricity and works best when the outdoor temperature falls between 55 °F to 104 °F.

Air source heat pump systems are capable of delivering low-cost space heating. A high-efficiency heat pump can produce up to four times as much heat as an electric resistance heater using the same amount of electricity. The cost of energy compared to gas (where available) will affect the lifetime cost of an air source heat pump.

An air-source heat pump produces no carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide, or other gas. It consumes a tiny amount of power to move a huge quantity of heat: the electricity may come from a renewable source or from power plants that are "carbon-free" because they burn fuel produced by nuclear power.

The best part of having an air source heat pump is how it affects the environment, as these systems have no harmful gases or materials being released into the atmosphere during use. Air pollution will not be a concern even if you decide to increase your home's insulation levels.

How Does an Air Source Heat Pump Work?

When it's cold outside, this kind of heat pump takes in warm air from inside your home and transfers that warmth into the colder surrounding air. This warms the surrounding air and creates warm, dry airflow that is then circulated through your home's ducts. 

When it's hot outside, this kind of heat pump works in reverse: An air-conditioner transfers heat from the cooler outdoor environment to a fluid inside of the device which cools down before being sent into your home for you to enjoy.

Just like an air conditioner, this type of heating system is powered by electricity. As a result, they are able to transfer heat between your home and the surrounding environment in either hot or cold weather conditions which makes them extremely versatile when it comes to providing warmth for you during winter months or cooling relief throughout the summer.

The Benefits of Air Source Heat Pump

There are many benefits to this type of heating system, including the fact that it has a lower operating cost than natural gas and oil. It is also more efficient as well as quieter during operation compared with other types of heaters like furnaces or boilers. 

Air source heat pumps can save homeowners up to 30% annually on their energy bills while also being a greener option. They are environmentally friendly, don't emit greenhouse gases and have low levels of indoor humidity associated with them.

It is important for people looking into buying this kind of heating system to understand that it does not work well in areas that regularly get below freezing temperatures. It is important to be aware of this before you commit to purchasing a system that may not work for your home.

It's also beneficial to note that air source heat pumps are typically more expensive than other types of heating systems, but can pay off in the long run because they require less maintenance and have a longer lifespan. This type of product can even be eligible for government rebates.

Installation & Maintenance of Air Source Heat Pump

Installation of an air source heat pump is not complicated and should be performed by a professional who has experience with the product. These systems need to be installed in an area where there's plenty of space for them to function properly, so it may require some renovation or construction before installation can take place.

It will also require proper insulation if you want your home to stay cool during the summer months. This kind of system works best when there is a consistent temperature throughout your home, so it's important to keep this in mind before installing one that doesn't have proper insulation or airtight seals around its ducts.

An air-source heat pump needs regular maintenance like any other type of heating system. The good news is the air source heat pump has a low maintenance cost because it operates almost silently and uses environmentally-friendly refrigerants. There are no flames or hazardous parts in the system, so you don't have to worry about safety hazards when using this type of heating device.

In addition, air-source heat pumps only need cleaning every three months to maintain optimally efficient performance, as they don't produce dust or dirt during operation. We suggest you have a trusted and reliable air-source heat pump maintenance and repair company to do the cleaning every three months.

A good air source heat pump service provider will check your system's performance, supply, safety controls of electrical components as well as perform a visual inspection for damage or leaks. They can also provide you with information about rebates that may be available in your area if you decide to make the switch.

If you’re in Camden, Hampstead, Golder’s Green, Westminster, Highgate, Maida Vale or any other part of London, you should contact our team at Rare Heating & Plumbing Services.  RARE Heating and Plumbing Services is the leading provider of plumbing and heating services in London and is well-equipped to take on any type of London plumbing and heating project, including the installation and maintenance of air-source heat pumps to your properties.

The Government is Promoting Air Source Heat Pump to Reduce Pollution and Save You Money

Since air source heat pumps are an efficient way to keep you warm in the wintertime while also being environmentally friendly, many countries around the world have begun promoting their use.  For instance, in the UK, there is a campaign that encourages homeowners to switch from oil boilers and gas heating systems over to air source heat pumps.

The government knows that this type of system can help people save money on their monthly bills while also reducing greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, which has caused them to provide financial incentives like tax breaks for those who make the transition.

The UK government has set a goal of installing 19 million heat pumps in new constructions by the year 2050 to achieve Net-Zero. To support this, the government has outlined plans to offer £5,000 subsidies to assist 90,000 households to install home heat pumps and other low-carbon heating systems over the next three years as part of its strategy to reduce Britain's dependence on fossil fuel heating and cut carbon emissions. 

Air Source Heat Pump - Summary

To summarize, an air-source heat pump can be an excellent way to reduce your carbon footprint while remaining warm in the wintertime without relying on fossil fuels like oil or gas. Your contribution to the environment can be further increased if you choose to install an air source heat pump that uses renewable energy sources, like solar power.

While these types of systems are typically more expensive than other options, they may be eligible for government rebates which can help offset some costs associated with them.  They also have lower operating costs and require less maintenance over time. If you're looking for a heating system that is clean and green but offers long-term savings on your energy bills, an air source heat pump may be the right choice for you!

If you are interested in making a switch to an air source heat pump or looking for professional services to maintain your air source heat pump, contact our team at Rare Heating & Plumbing Services today! We have been providing London homeowners with plumbing and heating services for over 20 years,  contact Rare Heating & Plumbing Services today. At RARE, we offer a wide range of first-class services in London to all our customers. With more than 25 years of experience, we work with long-standing customers who come to us when their buildings need maintenance or repair, as well as one-off clients who just want a new heating system installed. Call us today at 020 7458 4949.

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