Underfloor heating explained

Underfloor Heating

October 22, 2021

Undefloor heating maintenance London

UFH is a type of heating and plumbing service that connects your home’s hot and cold water lines

UFH or  “underfloor heating” uses a network of pipes underneath your floors. The heat from these hot water lines can be felt underfoot, and the warm floor is welcome in the wintertime when you want to get out of bed or on cold days when you need something to put on your feet while walking around.

Most houses in England and Wales, especially around Hampstead have this type of system installed in their homes, but many people do not even realize it is there. If your home is still using the traditional hot water tank, then you will need to consider switching over so that you can enjoy all the awesome benefits and savings offered by UFH heating and plumbing services:

UFH is more efficient than a hot water tank, so you are using less energy to heat your home.

With the savings on heating costs, it will quickly pay for itself in the form of lower bills every month. It requires very little maintenance and ongoing cost since all that is needed are yearly or biannual services.

A common question that people ask when considering getting their underfloor heating system installed is how much it will cost them to have this done professionally. While most homeowners do not have the time or patience for doing these types of installation themselves, they do not want to pay a professional too much money either. The good news is that it does not cost as much as you might think.

In most cases, a plumber will need to be hired because it is their job to do the installation. Your plumber can give you an estimate based on how many hot water lines are going through your floors and what types of materials they have been made from- PVC or copper. This also depends on whether or not there is already a network of pipes in place, and the total area to be covered.

For example, if you have a 200-square foot room that needs underfloor heating installed then your plumber will most likely charge around $75 per hour for their services. This is what they would normally get paid regardless since it takes time and skill to properly install this type of system. They will also need to purchase the parts, which is a smaller expense for them compared to you have to pay out-of-pocket for this service done in your home.

UFH is a relatively easy service to install, but it can be complicated if you ever need to have the system repaired or replaced. It is important to hire the right plumber if you do have a problem with your underfloor heating system. They need to be reputable, experienced and knowledgeable about what kinds of materials are available in the market today so that they can provide you with an accurate estimate on how long it will take them to complete this type of task for you. 

Before you call your plumber, you need to understand first how bad the problem is and what it will cost to repair or replace the system. You can then use this information as a bargaining tool when negotiating with them over their service fee.

If you notice any of these issues with your UFH system, then take a look at this quick guide that will help you understand when repairs are necessary. Here are some signs that indicate you might require UFH repairs: You notice water dripping from your UFH or condenser outside your home.

  • You notice water dripping from your UFH or condenser outside your home.
  • There is a smell of rotten eggs or gas coming from your heating system inside the house. This could mean you have an issue with your boiler and it might be time to call for repairs if this problem continues to happen more than once.
  • You notice that the heat in some rooms are not as warm as it normally should be and you need to turn up the temperature on your thermostat.
  • Your system is not turning off when it should be, or it keeps turning back on after you have just turned it off. This could mean that your breaker switch needs replacement if this problem continues to happen more than once.
  • Your home feels drafty because the weather stripping around your door has come loose or fallen off completely.
  • Your UFH system is producing more noise than normal. This can be a sign that something might have come loose or needs to be tightened down on the basement floor, especially if you hear this sound when your heating comes back on after it has been turned off.

Repairing or replacing your UFH system can be a difficult and expensive task, especially if you do not have the right experience with this type of job. If you do notice any of these issues in your home then call for repairs as soon as possible to prevent further damage from happening to both your floors and your heating system.

If you live in Hampstead and are in the market looking for the best heating and plumbing services especially for your UFH repair, don't hesitate to contact RARE Heating and Plumbing Services. RARE Heating and Plumbing Services is the leading provider of plumbing and heating services in London. We employ a team of talented tradesmen with the skills and experience necessary to tackle heating and plumbing projects of any size. 

RARE Heating and Plumbing Services also provide exclusive membership services for Hampstead residents as well as any part of London. We can help you with any emergency heating repair, water heater repair and installation service for your UFH system. If it's time to replace or upgrade your boiler then we have the right options available in our inventory that will meet all of your requirements. For more information on how RARE Heating and Plumbing Services can provide you with a superior service experience, call us today at 020 7458 4949.

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We had a problem with our boiler and complex heating system that other plumbers refused to touch. Paresh took it on, and fixed it very quickly. The visit was swift and easy, and he was very sensitive to our shielding requirements.
Michael Quicke
Having previously used Rare to do a full system installation, including new heaters, storage tank, new boiler install, bathroom fit & kitchen appliance install and new piping throughout the home, I called upon them again to service our boiler this winter. Pareshs engineers were punctual, they called 15 mins before arriving and methodically explained the work they work going to carry out, serviced the boiler, drained the radiotors and also treated them. They ensured everything was fine and more importantly assured us the system was in perfect order for the winter and made a few adjustments. More importantly then that the engineers completely cleaned up and washed down the working areas leaving our home spotless. Highly recommend this company for all your plumbing needs.
Amit Halai
Paresh is unusual for a London tradesman -- he comes when he says he will come, he charges what he says he will charge, and the workmanship is always first class. I cannot recommend him highly enough.
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Helped me with underfloor heating issue - I am so lucky to have found them! Great customer service, so knowledgeable - can't recommend them highly enough.
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I called Rare on Christmas Day with an urgent boiler problem. The team was very responsive, professional and polite - the issue was fixed quickly and fortunately they saved us from spending Christmas in a cold home with no warm water! Thanks again!
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