When should I service a boiler?

Boiler Repair

December 10, 2021

The ideal time to service a boiler

Living in a country with four seasons, boilers are one of the necessities you are likely to have. Thus you need to learn about the best ways to ensure that your boiler works efficiently throughout its lifetime. Firstly, knowing when your boiler should be serviced will help you prevent any unnecessary discomforts and hazards.

A typical way of finding out how often you need service is by reading the manual provided when you purchase your boiler. However, if the manual is no longer accessible, some rules of thumb can be used - for example how often is your warranty valid?

It may also be the case that depending on how much use your boiler gets; for instance, is it mostly dormant in winter (in which case you can push out service). However, in summer you should have it checked more regularly.

What are the signs that your boiler needs servicing?

Knowing when should your boiler be serviced is the first step to take. Here are some instances which warrant professional attention:

  • If You Smell Gas - this should never be ignored; gas leaks can cause fatal damage. 
  • If Your Boiler Makes Strange Noises - note that some noises are normal, but there is a chance that they might indicate something more serious.
  • If You Notice Rusty Water or Discoloured Radiators - rusty water could be the result of condensation inside the boiler, while discoloured radiators can be caused by sediment build-up within the system.
  • If Your Energy Bills Seem Higher than Usual- this could be because your boiler is not working at optimum efficiency or it might indicate an issue with one of its components (e.g., the expansion tank).

Although some of these issues might seem difficult to pinpoint or appear trivial, make no mistake - ignoring them will do more harm than good! Therefore, if anything unusual occurs, the best thing to do is book an appointment with a professional boiler engineer as soon as possible so they can immediately sort out any potential problems before they do some damage.

Here's when should you service your boiler:

  1. Annual Check: Not servicing your boiler annually might also invalidate your home insurance if you have a boiler issue. An annual service is also a requirement of the warranty for many new boilers, as well as keeping your boiler operational when you need it.

    If you want to keep your boiler’s warranty valid, you’ll have to service it annually. Before the cold weather starts up again, you'll want to make sure your boiler works properly and efficiently. If there is any damage to the appliance itself (such as frayed wiring), it might not be able to handle the cold weather very well.

    By having it checked out annually, you will have peace of mind knowing that if anything goes wrong, the technicians can fix it on time.
  2. When you're moving to a new home: If you've recently moved to a new home, you should have your boiler serviced before it gets too cold.

    The reason for this is because the technicians will check the efficiency of your boiler and get it prepared for the winter weather. If something needs to get fixed, they can take care of that as well so that your boiler will be ready when cold weather begins.

    Otherwise, you might be stuck in your new home with no heat until the technicians can come and fix it up for you.
  3. When you feel like something is wrong: Maintenance should be done regularly to prevent damage to your boiler. If you feel like something is wrong with it, rather than wait until something goes wrong, you should call a professional so they can inspect it for you.

    Although it may be nothing more than a small thing that needs to be fixed, if something serious is going on with your home's boiler, there is no time to wait - even if nothing needs to be fixed right away, having the experts take a look at your boiler can help prepare them for that eventuality.

    It could also catch some issues before they become extreme. If you feel like something isn't right about your boiler, make sure to have it checked out.
  4. Service during the summer months: Because you should be maintaining your boiler every year, it's a good idea to schedule your service when engineers are less busy.

    If you service your boiler during the summer, you'll be able to book an appointment sooner. If your boiler has a problem, having it serviced in the summer means you won't be left cold while it's fixed. Make arrangements to have your service done in July or August so that your boiler is prepared for whatever winter has in store for it.

Why you should book an annual boiler service?

Prevention is the best medicine. Your home's boiler will work at its best when it is well-maintained. This regular service can diagnose any issues early on, preventing costly boiler repairs or even worse, breakdowns.

Getting regular boiler servicing may not seem like a priority, but it should be carried out regularly to ensure your heating system ticks all the boxes.

Reputable boiler companies like RARE Heating and Plumbing Services will be able to complete annual boiler services such as inspections and boiler repairs for your boiler.

When it comes time to replace a boiler, many individuals only consider it then. However, having boiler service agreements and boiler repairs done regularly will allow you to get more out of your boiler. This is why being a member of your boiler's company memberships program is so crucial so that you don't have to worry about unexpected repairs.

Are you considering getting your boiler servied soon?

RARE Heating and Plumbing Services also offers exclusive membership services for customers so they will get boiler services scheduled for them regularly. Get the most out of your heating and plumbing facilities at your home or business by having a reliable boiler company near you that can provide all of these services with little to no downtime. Contact us at 020 7458 4949 or click here to become our RARE member! For a full list of all the locations we repair boilers in London visit our location hub

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We had a problem with our boiler and complex heating system that other plumbers refused to touch. Paresh took it on, and fixed it very quickly. The visit was swift and easy, and he was very sensitive to our shielding requirements.
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Having previously used Rare to do a full system installation, including new heaters, storage tank, new boiler install, bathroom fit & kitchen appliance install and new piping throughout the home, I called upon them again to service our boiler this winter. Pareshs engineers were punctual, they called 15 mins before arriving and methodically explained the work they work going to carry out, serviced the boiler, drained the radiotors and also treated them. They ensured everything was fine and more importantly assured us the system was in perfect order for the winter and made a few adjustments. More importantly then that the engineers completely cleaned up and washed down the working areas leaving our home spotless. Highly recommend this company for all your plumbing needs.
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Paresh is unusual for a London tradesman -- he comes when he says he will come, he charges what he says he will charge, and the workmanship is always first class. I cannot recommend him highly enough.
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Helped me with underfloor heating issue - I am so lucky to have found them! Great customer service, so knowledgeable - can't recommend them highly enough.
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I called Rare on Christmas Day with an urgent boiler problem. The team was very responsive, professional and polite - the issue was fixed quickly and fortunately they saved us from spending Christmas in a cold home with no warm water! Thanks again!
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